Helmet Debate Escalates in Girls Lacrosse

One of our newest sports – girls lacrosse – is today presenting one of the oldest conundrums in competitive athletics.

On one side of the complex issues are many moms and dads who cite the dangers their daughters confront from contact to the head and face by other players’ sticks or the ball. They want hard helmets with face masks required in girls lacrosse. Many coaches and administrators agree.

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Next Play: Heart of the Matter

From the retirement of NFL players in their mid-20s fearing long-term disability, to NASCAR drivers suffering injuries against concrete walls when alternative substances are available, to MLB outfielders running into barriers which place aesthetics and tradition over safety, the focus of highlight shows, apps and old-fashioned sports pages is shifting from action inside the lines to the sidelines.

As the reality of human vulnerability continues to invade our favorite escape from reality – athletics – protecting those in the spotlight needs to be Job 1.

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Prep Girls' Hoops Players Against Lowering the Rim

In volleyball, women play on nets that are 8 inches lower than in the men's game. This allows the women to play above the net in much the way their male counterparts do.

Given how that has worked, why not lower the rims several inches in women's basketball, allowing females to play at or above the cylinder in much the way the men have done for decades?

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Baseball: Loukinen Sheposh power Orchard Lake

Greg Loukinen felt right at home on the mound of Wayne State’s Ernie Harwell Field Tuesday.

And why not? That’s where the Orchard Lake St. Mary’s lefthander will soon play his college ball.

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